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How shorter crops could give farming a longer life

Picture in your mind a tall, sprawling field of corn. Now shrink it down while maintaining the yield. This is just a glimpse of what the fields of the future could look like.

To date, biofortification efforts in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries have involved the promotion of VAM, Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) and zinc- and iron-enriched beans.

As soon as the companies that growers had relied on for other products entered the area.

As a mainstay of the economy, fish is a key feature of local cuisine and diet. The fishing sector is predominantly small-scale commercial, supplying local markets and consumers with fresh fish. Furthermore, catch from the fishing vessels contributes to the export market.

A new and sustainable approach

To improve conservation and increase tuna harvest value, FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Forestry in Grenada have implemented activities that centered on the sustainable improvement of the tuna value chain.

This model was used to design a financial and conservation strategy that was entirely built on the realities and experiences of fishers and fisherfolk as well as the government, and clearly defined roles, investment potential and capital needs of the various stakeholders.

A successful public-private partnership

  • Public-private partnership approach
  • Government to invest in technology
  • Monetary incentives for a private sector

A business model was subsequently developed to provide monetary incentives for a private sector enterprise, fisherfolk organizations and the government to invest in technology proven to improve conservation while improving value along the tuna value chain. 

This public-private partnership approach to fisheries development brought all stakeholders to the table, for a holistic look at what was needed to reduce by-catch, and increasing tuna harvest values, and provide support for capital investments. The tuna fishery has now entered a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) to achieve Marine Stewardship Council certification.

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